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Japanese Juku


Qualified Teacher, ATAR/WACE Specialist and Advanced Japanese Tutoring Perth


Your Local Advanced Japanese Tutor Perth

I had been teaching Japanese to adults mainly in the past, but after I became a high school teacher and worked at some of the top public and private schools in Perth, my focus has shifted to high school students who are studying ATAR Japanese and WACE preparation.

With a thorough understanding of curriculum, I know how to guide students to achieve higher scores for ATAR results. I will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a tutoring program to suit your individual needs.

I always look after ALL students and care about them. During my time teaching at high schools, I went the extra mile to plan and create period 0 classes for not only for fast learners, but also students who were struggling, behind or need extra help.

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Service Overview

Private & Group Japanese Classes & Tutoring

Here at JP Juku we have a variety of services available, including the following.

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Private Tutoring

For Year 10 to 12 and University

  • ATAR Year 11 and Year 12 

  • Year 10 ATAR preparation

  • Individualised lessons at $60/hour


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Oral Scripts & Writing

Homework check and feedback

  • Pricing depends on the length of your script (from $30)

Please contact me for more information


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Group Lessons

Study with your friends

  • Group lessons can be organised, so you can study with your friends.

  • Discounted rates depending on size of your group!

  • I recommend up to 4 students for ATAR level


Year 11 & 12 Mock Oral Examinations

With my experience as an oral examiner/assessor I can help you prepare and practice before the exam.

A majority of students are very nervous about oral exams and cannot perform their best. Even if your class has assistant teachers to help you practice, you may end up with an unfamiliar examiner from outside your school who has a totally different manner of speaking.

So, practicing with me would be a good opportunity to gain confidence and familiarise yourself with different ways questions may be asked.

Sulani. G

Achieved 100% for WACE Oral Speaking and an average Japanese score of 90%

Junko Sensei was my high school teacher from year 11 and became my private tutor when I was in year 12. Needless to say, she was an incredible teacher! 


She encouraged me to create complex sentences for my speaking and writing scripts, ensured that I understood the syllabus and grammar rules thoroughly and most importantly, made sure I enjoyed studying the language. 


She is a hard-working, intelligent and compassionate teacher who has had a massive impact on how I approach my studies and day-to day- life.  She made sure that I was proud of the work that I produced and constantly pushed me to do the best that I could. 

As a result, Japanese became my top subject with my overall average being ~90% and receiving 100% in my WACE speaking exam. 

I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me!!

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Specialised Japanese Tutoring Perth

Thank you for your interest

Unfortunately I am not able to take on new students at this time.

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