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About Your Tutor

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I am originally from Osaka, Japan. I have lived in Perth for nearly 25 years and have been teaching Japanese here for almost 20 years. Not just a native speaker, I have high-level qualifications in Japanese language teaching methods.  

“Juku” means cram school in Japanese. When I was in Japan, I began my teaching journey at such a school, teaching high school students who came after school for extra study to help them enter a good university or get higher exam scores. In Japan, most students are studying at “Juku.” My students at that time would study from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. almost every day.

I am an energetic, bright person with an in-depth knowledge of Japanese language skills. In addition, I have a strong passion to teach my language.


I had been teaching Japanese to adults mainly in the past, but after I became a high school teacher, my focus has shifted to high school students who are studying ATAR Japanese and WACE preparation.

With a thorough understanding of curriculum, I know how to guide students to achieve higher scores for ATAR results. I will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a tutoring program to suit your individual needs.

I always look after ALL students and care about them. During my time teaching at high schools, I went the extra mile to plan and create period 0 classes for not only for fast learners, but also students who were struggling, behind or need extra help.  


You will have a great journey learning with me! 

Her Teaching Experience

Business Japanese
I had taught business-oriented Japanese in a few Australian companies. There are many cultural differences that can make learning to speak Japanese in a business setting quite difficult.

North Metropolitan TAFE

  • Lecturer for 12 years

  • Certificates II to IV

  • Conversation Classes - beginners level 1 to level 3

  • Advanced Conversation Classes - due to the high demands of students' requests. 

  • Assessor of Qantas Airline Japanese language interviewer. 

High school teacher at a private and public school, one of the top public schools in Perth.

  • Year 7 to Year 12. (ATAR, WACE)

  • Year 11 and 12 oral assessor for school exams.

  • Moderation - Analyze exam questions and modify/update.

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